Emergency Service - Our Firefighters

We are dedicated to the Citizens of Reno right to the best, most efficient Police, Fire and Emergency services including fair but not extravagant pay for our public safety employees.

Thank you to the fine men and women of the Reno Police Department. The job is dangerous and no career officer leaves without scars - physical or otherwise. You are the thin blue line. Since incorporation Reno, a big little city, has lost about 14 brave officers in the line of duty. Many other survivors have been shot, stabbed and run over. To honor you, Jeff Church has written the first ever, “History of RPD” available on request to anyone. The sacrifices of all dedicated officers is truly appreciated.

Did you know?

What can you do? Contact your city representatives.

Come to City Council meetings and let them know what you think. Bring your kids and grand kids with you and let them speak too. They'll learn more about government and civics than they will in any classroom.

Lawyers are not free. Contact us and we'll tell you how to contribute to the Public Safety Legal Fund. Contribute directly to the law firm, they take credit cards. Unlike political contributions, under the law your names are not reported.

Contact us... Get involved... Otherwise, when property taxes go up, don’t complain.

In our ongoing fight against over taxation we have launched the website Reno Tax Revolt.