Who are we?

Reno Public Safety is an informal non-profit (heck we are below that, contributing thousands of our own money because we care).

We strongly support our Washoe County/ Truckee Meadows Fire employees and their union which includes the offer of Automatic Aid, use of volunteers, and their true spirit of public service.

Remember: Reno can’t print money. We are the highest taxed city in the state but your property taxes could be going up over 20% soon. Don’t believe me - just ask! I’ll prove it.

You may also want to go on line and view the IAFF contract at Reno.gov human resources. Look at Articles 46 and 52! RFD is a monopoly and closing perfectly good staffed fire stations!

We need professional help: accounting, legal, marketing, computers, etc…

Various members of the community have contributed time and money to the effort of our protecting the best interests of the citizens over those of the unions on the matter of public safety. We seek to save our city from impending insolvency. Many prefer to remain anonymous. RenoPublcSafety is not a formal non-profit, simply too much hassle and red tape involved at this point.

Jeff Church is the owner of DRS Law Enforcement Consulting. Jeff is a retired Reno Police Sergeant. He is also a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the USAF Reserve. Jeff graduated as Valedictorian from the Reno Police Academy. He also served in the Air Force in Intelligence. Jeff served in Desert Storm and Just Cause (Panama) both in theatre. He was activated after 9-11 and served in support of interrogation efforts in Guantanamo, Cuba. He previously served with the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. For many years Jeff also taught various law enforcement related classes at the local community college. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice, a minor in Aerospace Studies, and an Associate Degree with Honors in Law Enforcement.

As a retired Reno sergeant receiving free unfunded uncapped lifetime medical care and a generous pension it seems a contradiction that he would want to change these benefits but he sees the handwriting on the wall; Reno is broke and all must make reasonable concessions and comply with the law least we follow the paths of Detroit, Stockton, San Bernardino, North Las Vegas and so many others. Jeff believes in the Air Force value of Service Beyond Self.

He welcomes input from the community and is happy to speak with any group or persons including those with opposing views.

DRS Law Enforcement Consulting is solely responsible for the content of this website. Business License #122506

Donations are greatly appreciated to offset the cost of mailers and legal fees. They are not tax deductible. You may donate by contacting me directly  800-554 9519