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Reno Public Safety Board of Advisors

Our Mission and Role:

To keep the public informed of northern Nevada and Washoe County Public Safety issues, back the badge, support law enforcement and spur citizen involvement. Our experienced Board of Advisors weighs in on issues and candidate endorsements. We are not a labor union or association and our opinions are those that best support effective public safety and fairness to both public safety employees and taxpayers.   Democracy only works if citizens are informed and involved in their government. Many candidates falsely claim law enforcement or public safety endorsements that are in fact from the labor unions, not the case here.

Our Board

Chief Ken Sjoen has had a distinguished career in Law Enforcement. He rose through the ranks at the Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety to Lieutenant. He then became DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC SAFETY Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. In 1989 Ken moved to Nevada and served as Chief of Police at the University of Nevada-Reno. He has served as an expert trainer nationwide through the Department of Justice and other organizations. He holds a Master of Science from Pepperdine University in Management and Administration and a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. As if not enough he also served his country in the Naval Reserve and then as a Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Army national Guard.

Sandra Linares served in the United States Air Force as a Security Specialist receiving numerous awards and distinctions. She was an Honor Graduate in Security Specialist training school and was the first woman Entry Controller for the nuclear weapons storage area at Malmstrom AFB, Montana. After honorably separating from the Air Force, she achieved her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting at UNR and held various casino management positions such as Compliance Officer, Internal Auditor, Assistant Controller, and then Controller in the Reno/Sparks/Carson City casinos. In 2009, she completed her master’s degree in accounting from UNR, and upon receiving it, she was offered the opportunity to instruct for a class. Since 2011 she has been lecturing at the University of Nevada, Reno in the Accounting department where she teaches a class on Financial Investigations. She is a Certified Fraud Examiner and currently works for a Private Investigator on an expansion of an Investigative division. In her spare time she enjoys target practice and working with women with firearms training.

Sgt. Jeff Church is retired from the Reno Police Department and was formerly with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. He also served in the US Air Force and Reserve in Intelligence rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and is a VFW Life Member. From a multi-cultural background he is a Spanish speaker. Jeff holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and an Associate’s in Law Enforcement with honors. He was honor graduate from the Sheriff’s Academy and Class Valedictorian from the Reno Police Academy. Since retiring, he has taught diversity recruiting nationwide and become a nationally recognized expert on the subject.

Sgt. Dick Posadas has served with honor on the Boulder, Las Vegas, Reno and Burlington Northern And Santa Fe Railroad Police Departments during his long career. Previously he served in the U.S. Navy, Vietnam Era. In his police career he has served in patrol, intelligence, detectives, traffic, training and a wide variety of career assignments.

Russell Gordon is a retired Sergeant from the San Francisco Police Department, having spent his entire 24 year career there.  Sergeant Gordon spent the majority of his career in patrol, working a radio car in various districts. Russell also worked in a plain clothes capacity which entailed narcotics enforcement, capturing parolees at large, robbery and burglary abatement.  During his career, Russell spent time at the SFPD Academy as a recruit training officer and when promoted in 2007 worked in the SUV unit investigating crimes against children until returning to his passion, patrol.  He holds a BA in communications and business.  Russell was a union representative for many years in the SFPD.  Russell was subject matter expert recognized by CA POST.  During his career he has been awarded multiple awards including, being law enforcement officer of the year 2011 and being awarded the Gold Medal of Valor.

All of our Board members are select specialists in their field and each member is involved in community-wide affairs as residents of Washoe County, Nevada.  

RPS Endorsements