Our mission:

To summarize Reno’s pressing financial, labor and public safety issues and spur citizen involvement. Democracy only works if citizens are informed and involved in their goverment.

Endorsements ~ Washoe County, NV ~ Local Elections 

Post Primary a Board of Advisors with Public Safety Backgrounds will recommend local candidates for the November elections on the RenoPublicSafety.org website. *many so-called law enforcement groups represent unions concerned about pay and benefits, not always public safety. While our law enforcement deserve good pay, you can’t indenture future generations with unfunded mandates. Reno Public Safety is looking out to see that the taxpayers get what they deserve and in many cases that dedicated money not be diverted. At this time RenoPublicSafety.org in consultation with many other community leaders is suggesting you consider the following. In some cases we include discussion and explanation: The Most Important and overlooked position is School Board. With a $1 Billion budget, it’s own police force, nothing is more important than our children’s safety and education. WCSD ACT scores have fallen year after year and is besieged with lawsuits, poor teacher morale and improper spending. Please say NO to incumbents (past board members) Kelley, Nicolet and Taylor. Do NOT support.

Washoe School Board of Trustees:

District A: Jeff Church   www.WatchDogJeff.com
District D: Stan Berk
District E: Matthew Montognese
District G At Large: Your call (can’t go wrong): Jeff Baclet www.JeffBaclet.com ~ John Eppolito johnforwcsd.com ~ Paul D White electpaulwhite.com (Has Masters in Education and many years experience in teaching and administration)

University of Nevada Regent District 10: John McKendricks (1st Choice) ~ Kevin Melcher (2nd Choice)

State Senate: #15 Heidi Gansert

State Assembly: #26 Lisa Krasner ~ #27 Barb Hawn ~ #30 Randy Hoff ~ #31 Sandra Linares* or Jill Dickman (two solid fiscally responsible candidates. Sandra Linares, with her accounting and fraud investigation experience is a shining star for any future elected or appointed position.) ~ #32: Alexis Hansen ~ #40: (Generally Carson City area) Your call PK ONeill or Day Williams

Washoe County Commission: 1 Marsha Berkbigler ~ 4 Vaughn Hartung

Reno City Council Ward 1: Jenny Brekhus: Ms Brekhus is a Democrat and often the lone No vote of fiscal responsibility, educated, sharp and responsive. ~ John "JD" Drakulich, extremely qualified, a new look, sharp and personable.  

Reno City Council Ward 3: No good choices but not incumbent  Oscar Delgado is often “MIA”, non-responsive, fails to hold Neighborhood Advisory Boards so give the nod to Ruth "Rudy" Leon.

Reno City Council Ward 5: No endorsement 

City Council AT LARGE: Eddie Lorton- give him a chance, now more than ever.  Even if you are wary of him, his opponent Devon Reese suspended his campaign but was the unanimous hand picked choice (appointee) to the fiscally irresponsible council. Thus far he has shown no leadership or promise.  Reno headed to financial meltdown and council, including Reese refuses to take any strong action.  ~ “Devon is proud to represent labor unions on the entire range of labor law.”  Kintzwww.reesekintz.com ~ News4: “Councilman Devon Reese suspends campaign;...” So that leaves Eddie deserving a shot. Like many campaigns, these are the two to chose from, like em or not. Lorton is passionate about Reno!

NV Supreme Court B:  Mary Pickering

NV Supreme Court :  Herndon or Nelson

Court of Appeals Judge Department 3: Bonnie Bulla

District Court Judge Department 10: Elliott A. Sattler

District Court Judge Department 11, Family Court: Gregory R. Shannon

District Court Judge Department 13, Family Court: Aaron Bushur

Sparks City Council Ward 1: Dick Kirtley

Sparks City Council Ward 3: Paul S. Anderson

We are dedicated to the Citizens of Reno right to the best, most efficient Police, Fire and Emergency services including fair but not extravagant pay for our public safety employees.

Thank you to the fine men and women of the Reno Police Department. The job is dangerous and no career officer leaves without scars - physical or otherwise. You are the thin blue line. Since incorporation Reno, a big little city, has lost about 14 brave officers in the line of duty. Many other survivors have been shot, stabbed and run over. To honor you, Jeff Church has written the first ever, “History of RPD” available on request to anyone. The sacrifices of all dedicated officers is truly appreciated.

Did you know?

  • Reno firefighters are allowed to come to work with illegal drugs and alcohol in their system.
  • Reno is taxing us over $14 million annually for additional police and fire protection we are not getting.
  • Reno fire and police career officers may be among the highest compensated in the entire USA.
  • The Reno Fire Department refuses Automatic Medical Aid with others and prohibits volunteers.
  • Reno has closed various fire stations even when adequate staffing is available even on Red Flag danger days!
  • Taxes are going up and up and the 3% tax cap went away in the last legislature.
  • The WC1 Sales Tax has been a dismal failure. Washoe now highest sales tax in state. Car sales sluggish but booming in Lyon and Carson as taxpayers vote with their wallet. Local governments struggle with revenue loss. School building costs skyrocket higher than we were told. Local politician calls school district “Dishonest”. More at Reno Tax Revolt.
  • Why are gas prices in Washoe 40 cents higher than Carson? Gas prices even higher than California.

What can you do? Contact your city representatives.

Come to City Council meetings and let them know what you think. Bring your kids and grandkids with you and let them speak too. They'll learn more about government and civics than they will in any classroom.

Lawyers are not free. Contact us and we'll tell you how to contribute to the Public Safety Legal Fund. Contribute directly to the law firm, they take credit cards. Unlike political contributions, under the law your names are not reported.

Contact us... Get involved... Otherwise, when property taxes go up, don’t complain.

In our ongoing fight against overtaxation we have launched the website Reno Tax Revolt.

Reno refuses to allow the paramedics at the County station in the background to respond to medical calls at the Del Taco they share a lot with or the Walmart next door nor the schools down the street. Do you care about your kid's safety?

Fire station behind Del Taco.

Donations are greatly appreciated to offset the cost of mailers and legal fees. They are not tax deductible. You may donate by printing the attached Wells Fargo deposit slip... or you may contact me directly and let's chat. 800-554-9519.